Time to Rise 2014 - October 16th - 18th
Illinois Worship Leaders Network

What would it look like if the Worship Leaders of Illinois were networked together for the purpose of relationship, revival, and resources? The entire focus of the new Illinois Worship Leaders Network is to build up and network worship leader gatherings throughout the entire state of Illinois; to encourage prayer for revival and unified sound of worship. We want it to be simple and inspiring. No network or association fees. No changing how you lead worship. Just networking worship leaders together to encourage, inspire, and share resources and ideas. This network is just getting started so if you are an Illinois Worship Leader, please type in your name, email, city, and church's name below and hit submit…and you’re connected! There will be a special 1 hour Worship Leaders Luncheon on Saturday, October 18th during the Time To Rise 2014 Conference. Greater things are yet to come!

The Illinois Worship Leaders Network will also provide ...
  • Regular conference calls with interviews with well known, influential worship leaders
  • Information on Worship Leader Gatherings throughout the State of Illinois
  • A resourceful and interactive website
... and much more!

Join the NEW Illinois Worship Leaders Network!